About Us

About Hard Rock Granite & Tile Staff

100_0315Hard Rock Granite & Tile was founded in Powell in 2000. Over the years, we have accomplished many of our goals and it is our intention to continually set new goals designed to further the success of our business as well as the DMG Team.

A few years ago, we identified a non-published opportunity in our market to acquire our largest competitor. We dedicated all of our time and efforts as a team to make the acquisition happen and this became our number one goal.This acquisition has really set DMG and our entire staff up for success, as we were lacking infrastructure for growth, we were in need of a larger building, additional equipment, and our most important aspect of the acquisition – new growth opportunities for the entire team.

We are a service business when it comes down to it, we sell, build and install an amazing product but our team and the customer service is really our key to all of our successes.  We feel that successful people keep moving, strive to be the best, do the right thing, have an impeccable reputation, and create opportunities for all to share.  It is our intention for our staff to be the absolute experts in natural stone and like products. Our team is the reason that we stand apart from all of our competition as the industry leader.

These are out core values that really encapsulate us at DMG:

  • Creating opportunities for our team to grow financially and professionally.
  • Customers. “We try to put ourselves in their shoes.”
  • Quality. “Be the best, nothing less.”
  • Healthy financially, we continue to support the many families of our team.
  • Hard Rock Granite & Tile remains one of the most trusted and successful companies in the Ohio Valley today.

Our Mission

“To be the leader in natural stone solutions and innovation by setting the highest standards of quality, service & delivery.”

Our Vision

“To consistently lead the stone industry with creativity
and excellent service.”


We are proud to be affiliated with major trade organizations such as these: