Your Project

Your Project

If you are replacing your current countertops and you have never been through this process before, here’s what you can expect as you look forward to your new countertops.

Call us or request an appointment on our contact page. We will set an appointment at your convenience to come to your home. We will bring samples of popular granite and quartz colors, as well as backsplash samples in natural stone. We will discuss all of your different options — edge trim, sinks, backsplash, and any other detail required for your project. Then we will measure the areas of your project, and prepare an on-site exact price quote with our software on a laptop computer. There are no hidden costs, each cost of your project will be explained and shown to you, in detail. When you are ready to move forward with your project, we will ask for a 50% deposit, the balance to be paid at installation.

We will set an appointment for a template. When we arrive for templating, we ask that you have cleared the work area. This will help us finish the template quickly and efficiently, and will also protect your items from any damage. Templates can take 45 minutes to 2 hours depending upon the size of the project. We will make a pattern of your area in corrugated plastic. A decision-maker for your project must be present since there may be options where seams will be located, overhang depths and corner radius’ determined. If you have purchased your own undermount sink, it must be present at this time and must be taken back to fabrication with the template crew. Next you will receive a phone call to set your installation date.

If you prefer, we will meet you at one of our stone suppliers in the DFW area to help in choosing your stone slabs, before or after your template appointment.


(Note: Price variances may occur if the final template includes, a change or changes in an area not covered in the original quote, if the stone selection is changed into a different level, or if the edge design or backsplash specifications change after quotation, or if the sink style and/or quantity is altered after initial quotation. Any adjustments, up or down, will be made prior to the onset of fabrication.)

Plumbing and electrical disconnects must be completed prior to installation.

We will confirm the date and time for your backsplash installation, most often it will be for the day after your countertops are installed.

If your project requires that we tear out and remove your existing countertops/ material, we will do so at the time of installation.

At installation, we ask that you also clear the work area of any objects and clear a path for the installers to carry the stone. The installation process can take the better part of a day, and can require some final cutouts to be made in your home. We do everything possible to keep the dust to a minimum, please be sure to check items left in cabinets.

We recommend the drawers be removed, items under the cooktop and sink cabinet must be removed to allow the installers access. Some dust can result even though our installers are equipped to catch the majority of it. During installation, your undermount sink(s), if applicable, will be mounted under your stone. Cooktops and faucets, etc. will be dropped into place for confirmation of fit. You are responsible for reconnecting the water, drain, and garbage disposal.

Your countertop has a one year labor warranty from date of installation. Warranty is void if cracking occurs due to abuse – such as walking, sitting, or standing on countertops, or cleaning with inappropriate chemicals. PLEASE FOLLOW CARE INSTRUCTIONS.