Radiation in granite is not dangerous.

From what we know, there are two ways in which countertops, tiles and other finishes made of granite might emit any level of radiation. The first is by the release of tiny amounts of the radioactive gas radon which can be inhaled. The second is by direct radiation from the surface itself to the homeowner. In both cases the radiation emitted is from the same process – natural radioactive decay of one element into another.Compared to other radiation sources in the home and outside, the risk to the homeowner from radioactivity remitted from a granite countertop or tiles is practically non-existent. In fact, the amount of radon gas emitted by a granite countertop is less than one millionth of that already present in the household air from other sources. If you have further questions about radon and granite, contact the Marble Institute of American at 440-250-9222, send an email to m